Customised Cupboards Cape Town

We are experts in Providing custom hand made cabinets, cupboards and built in wardrobes in Cape Town. Through years of carpentry experience, we have the skill, knowledge and precision to create beautiful wooden customisations from scratch from designing, building and installing into any space you desire.

customised cupboards cabinets cape town

Our customised cupboards come in all shape and sizes and are commonly feature in bespoke kitchen design. Through the art of skilled craftsmanship, we can build or design any type of custom cupboards Cape Town to include any kind of functionality. From swinging doors to left or right handed openings, the choice is endless and enables you to be truly creative with you design no matter which room of your home you are renovating.

built in wardrobes cape town

We cater for built in wardrobes and shelving units as well as bedroom furniture and built in storage units. We can create anything you desire from scratch, our custom built in wardrobes and beds in Cape Town being the most popular choice for home owners during a renovation. We hand built to exact measurements meaning a flush and tight fit is guaranteed every time making your surrounding furniture a focal point of any room. Call us today to further discuss any requirements you may have for custom cabinets cape town or to get a quotation for our services.