Different Types of Wood Work Experts

The most overlooked factor about woodwork is its extreme diversity. There are different types of carpenters found in the market. Each one of them has specialized in a specific area of carpentry. Take a look at some of the common timber specialties below.

The roofer

Just like the name suggests, this wood specialist focuses on roofing. He does installations and repairs of rafters, beams, and trusses. His work is to analyze the roofing design of a building, take the right measurements, and cut the timber accordingly.

Cabinet maker

In case you need a customized cabinet, wardrobe, dresser, or storage chest, the cabinet maker is your guy. He specializes in making the furniture above, and other wood equipment meant for storing things at home and in the office.

Rough Carpenter

The rough carpenter dwells on the general aspect of woodworking, e.g. framing and formwork. Anything to do with structural and large-scale carpentry is handed to him. He makes work easy and convenient for those who have specialized in other refined areas.

The Joiner/Finish Carpenter

A joiner mainly deals with the finishing of furniture, cabinets, and parquetry. He also comes up with artistic models and installs delicate joints that need to be fixed correctly.

Trim Carpenter

Trimming and molding of windows, doors, casings, skirting boards, and mantles are the work of a trim carpenter. He shapes this equipment according to the required shapes and sizes. In addition to that, he also makes other forms of the ornamental woodwork.

The Framer

The framer is very important when it comes to buildings constructed from wood. He builds the skeletal structure or framework. Way back before fire safety became a major concern in wood construction; the framer also did balloon framing. Part of his work includes doing joinery with wooden joints, and post and beam work with metal connectors.

Ship’s carpenter

The ship’s carpenter is an expert in the building, repair and maintenance of wooden ships, and boats. However, he also works on steel ships. Especially the ones used in war. His job is to fix both minor and major damages while out in the waters.

The Joister

The joister specializes in laying floor joists. These are horizontal boards connected to the frame of a structure such as roofing or below the door level.

Essential measuring tools used by these experts

A big part of carpentry involves getting the right measurement. That means each of the woodwork experts mentioned above owns at least one or a couple of the following tools

To start with, the tape measure is probably the most popular measuring tool in carpentry. It is almost impossible to find a carpenter without one. Their miniature size makes them easy to carry around, and it can measure lengths of up to 16 ft. Next is the L-shaped framing square that is mainly used during assembling to keep the edges square. A try square serves almost a similar purpose to a bigger framing square – helping to get right angles. The only difference is in the design, whereby a try square has a metal blade fastened into a wooden handle. When it comes to the sliding T-bevel, it’s used when you encounter random angles that are neither 90 or 45 degrees. The combination square is known for its versatility. It can verify square edges and flat surfaces, in addition to laying out joinery. We then have the short rule which is just a tiny ruler meant to take precise measurements. The level comes last with its core purpose being to ensure work is aligned accordingly.

Eventually, all that matters when dealing with woodwork experts is getting the best. One who is qualified, skilled, and experienced. A carpenter with a good reputation and is reliable. Our company fits that description perfectly. We have everything you will ever need in a good carpenter. From the manpower to resources. A good percentage of the residents and businesses in Cape Town are people we have worked with. Give us a call today on 021 300 3774 and we will sort out all your carpentry needs.

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